When I was young, I read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I’d never heard of Turkish Delight before, and it became a bit of an obsession. What treat could be so terrifically tasty that it could make you sell out your siblings? I imagined that it must be chocolate…that maybe there was caramel inside…maybe there were pecans or walnuts. I dreamed of and begged for Turkish Delight until my mother finally bought me some.

She handled me a small, white confectionery box tied with string. I’d never received candy that wasn’t in the supermarket checkout line, so this delicate box added to the fantasy. I carefully untied the string and opened the box in anticipation. I could see pastel colors through the tissue paper inside. THE CHOCOLATES ARE ALL DIFFERENT COLORS, I thought. This is magic. I pulled back the tissue paper to reveal the swirl of color, but as the sweets came into focus, a feeling of dread began to build in the pit of my stomach. A thin layer of powder coated what seemed to be…jelly? My brain was afire. Could it be that Turkish Delight was just glorified gumdrops? A candy whose name greatly outshines it’s makeup? A candy I hate? What kind of boy was Edmund that he sold out his siblings for this?

I was forever changed.

The work you see will not disappoint you the way Turkish Delight did me. It will exceed your expectations and be as tasty as the chocolatiest, carameliest, dreamiest bonbon. It might tempt you to sell your siblings out…but I’m not the White Witch and I’d never ask.